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Lyme Disease: More Than a Titer and HIV and CDT: A Closer Look at Reference Testing

From the 2022 Joint Annual Meeting (recorded 6/28/2022)
Presented by Stephanie Jacobson, MS, MLS(ASCP)CM and Sofia Smith, MSHA, MLS(ASCP)CM

This course includes 2 presentations:
Lyme Disease: More Than a Titer
Lyme disease is the most common vector-borne disease in the United States, specifically in the northeastern, mid-Atlantic, and north-central United States. This presentation will discuss the clinical signs and symptoms of Lyme disease as applied to a clinical case, appropriate utilization of laboratory testing, and potential manifestations of long term disseminated neurologic and cardiac outcomes.

HIV and CDT: A Closer Look at Reference Testing
This session will look at two tests, HIV and Carbohydrate-deficient transferrin (CDT), not often performed outside of reference labs. Brief overview of sensitivities between CDT and PEth with chronic alcoholism consumption, why CDT is preferred, and how it can be used in relapse will be discussed. The presentation will also include HIV case studies, clarification of HIV indeterminate results, explanation of CDC algorithm, and reporting/notification procedures.

At the conclusion of this presentation, participants will be able to:

  • Discuss the etiology and pathophysiology of Lyme Disease
  • Discuss serologic testing and titer utilization associated with Lyme Disease
  • Apply evidence-based practice guidelines to a clinical case 
  • Describe how to utilize CDT testing and results
  • Describe HIV testing algorithm
  • Discuss HIV reporting and notification

ASCLS is approved as a provider of continuing education programs in the clinical laboratory sciences by the ASCLS P.A.C.E. ® Program. One (1) P.A.C.E. ® contact hour and one (1) Florida credit hour in the area of I (Serology/Immunology) will be awarded to participants. ASCLS P.A.C.E.® is accepted by the ASCP/ASCLS/AGT Board of Certification and all states, including Florida and California, as an approved provider of continuing education for recertification and licensure. ASCLS is an approved provider with CE Broker for Florida licensees.

This Basic-level program is appropriate for laboratory professionals working in clinical, public health and academic settings.